pink pearl apple

Week 7, U – Pick, 9/4-7/2020

We have the great Mollie’s Delicious apple this weekend. We will also have Novamac and Redhook, two early season McIntosh apples. In addition there will be Ellison’s Orange, a very flavorful Cox Orange Pippin Cross and Nyblat (pictured). The Pink Pearl should be ready by the end of the weekend. And of course we will have our Korean Rocambole garlic.

Update for Monday……. Due to high demand over Saturday and Sunday we have changed the apple lineup for Monday. There are still a few Mollie’s Delicious and there is Pink Pearl. In addition though we will be offering up Aroma, Tsugaru, Jonamac, Rambo, Dayton and the Geneva Crab. is our new farm info site for products going to both the farmers markets and whats available for picking at the farm U pick. The difference is that this site is also our new online market site. From here you can pre order our products for curbside delivery either at the Bellevue Farmers market on Thursdays or at our farm Friday thru Monday. If your viewing on a laptop, PC, etc you will see current available products on the right. If viewing on a mobile the product selection will be at the bottom of the screen. Click on any product and you will be taken to the online store. Checkout is secure and through Square.

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