arlie red apple

Week 14, U – Pick, 10/23-26/2020

Hi apple fans, here we are the last weekend of the 2020 season. For new varieties this week we have Quebec Belle, Winesap and Black Oxford. The Braeburn may be ready, we will see. There are also a great deal of Northern Spy and Calville Blanc from last week as well as a lesser amount of the Arlie Red Flesh (pictured) and Yellow Belleflower.

Now that the season is coming to a close my wife and I would like to thank everyone who came out during this perilous time. It was a strange season and we were constantly worried about what shoe was going to drop next with regulatory process or even having to close. But we made it, everyone was safe, no one got sick and I hope everyone had a good time and got lots of good fruit. Thanks again, stay safe and hope to see you next year….. Les & Lyn

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