scarlet ohara apple

Week 11, U – Pick, 10/2-5/2020

Welcome apple fans! We made it through September and its the first weekend of October already. The apples, variety speaking, are getting better all the time, more intense flavors and better keeping qualities. We have opened up 2 really great varieties for picking this weekend the Winter Mac and Belle de Boskoop. Also new this weekend is the Scarlet Ohara (pictured). Jonagolds and Melrose have been moved back a week to next weekend. From last week we are opening up a whole new area of Liberty for picking and surely this will be the last of the Bramley apple picking. We also have a new row of Comice winter pear for picking. And this is the opening weekend of the u pick pumpkin patch!!!

Sunday variety changes 10/4-5/2020. Its been a busy weekend so far. We have reduced our varieties down to Scarlet Ohara, Liberty, Bramley apples and Comice pear.

A heads up for our last open weekend this year……. 10/23-26/2020

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