liberty apple

Week 11, Farmers Market, 10/1/2020

I take it back, we have just enough Cortland apples left for this Thursday. Still plenty of the Liberty apples (pictured). These are one of my favorite apples. Very crunchy with the perfect blend of sweet and tart. Just the right size for snacking too. We will be offering deals in 5 lb bags and 20 lb boxes! We will also have Gold Crunch. I have to tell you, if you haven’t tried this one you should, crunchy and sweet with a spice like flavor that is hard to put your finger on. I like to call it the un-honeycrisp in that it is sweet and crisp but with loads of real flavor! We will also be bringing more Bramley…….. anyone for a pie? Also on the way to market will be the Mishirasu Asian pear.

Dont forget to stock up on our Korean Rocambole garlic. It will keep for another 6 months and we have lots of it! Only 1 more Thursday market after this……..

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