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Week 10, Farmers Market, 9/24/2020

It will be the last of the Mollie’s Delicious and Cortland apples this Thursday. Good news is this is the first of the Liberty harvest (pictured). These are one of my favorite apples. Very crunchy with the perfect blend of sweet and tart. Just the right size for snacking too. We will be offering deals in 5 lb bags and 20 lb boxes!

And of course we will have our Korean Rocambole garlic.

2 thoughts on “Week 10, Farmers Market, 9/24/2020”

  1. Do we have to make a reservation to come? I don’t see it on your website, but we’ll be driving from Edmonds so I want to make sure. I’m excited to pick apples! I’ve never done it before, although I am an expert apple eater!

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