Farm Update, June 20 – 2021

Hi farm fans, The growing season is definitely well under way here at Jones Creek Farms. We, so far, have had a very nice spring with warm sunny weather alternating with periods of rain. This does work well for the crops that are not irrigated and the newly transplanted trees that need more shallow irrigation than their peers. If this trend keeps up we will probably be opening up for apple u – pick about the same time as last year …….. mid August. Stay tuned here for more updates.

We also have a greenhouse building project that is taking place (starting) on July 10-11. For those of you who haven’t heard me talk, this is the latest in my reach towards sustainable peach production. Although the location and climate here is otherwise great for growing peaches, the wet, cool, spring weather typical of just about everywhere in western Washington, makes for very poor fruit set due to the many diseases that love these conditions. We have been growing peaches here at the farm for over 20 years and the trend seems to be more bad years than really good ones. The pic is of my son at age 3 picking from a 5 year old Newhaven tree. This was a very good year! The concept of undercover growing of peaches will be to, most importantly, eliminate the rainfall from the trees. This will break the disease cycle of any of the fungal pathogens that infect the shoots and buds in the spring and as a bonus also eliminate Brown Rot, a major driver behind pesticide use in peach orchards everywhere. Our long term goal here at Jones Creek Farms is to have reliable, u – pick peaches every year.

We are looking for volunteers to help out with putting up this greenhouse as many hands are much better than only a few. We will be rewarding our volunteers with peach u-pick shares or apple shares if you prefer.

The infrastructure is in (power & water), stub walls installed so we are ready to go upward. The house will be 30 x 200′.

If you are interested in lending a hand please do contact me by email,


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